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Winnipeg Landscaping Pros is a customer-focused, performance motivated landscape company that has an uncompromising commitment to dazzle you with our craftsmanship, and affordable services. We hold ourselves to the highest standards, completing work on time, at the best prices. Our work is done right the first time, every time!

Are you ready to start building your ideal landscape? Our top-notch landscaping company is at your service! We are one of the nation’s top rated landscaping companies, providing a wide range of services to meet each of your unique needs! If you are searching for the perfect team to guide you through landscape design, lawn and garden maintenance, residential snow removal, deck building, water features, paving, and more – our Winnipeg landscaping company is here to help!

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Landscaping Company Winnipeg

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Landscaping Winnipeg, your first choice for excellent service. As one of the top landscaping companies, we employ a hand picked team of experts who are excited to provide an unprecedented quality of service. Each member of our team is fully certified in their field, and passionate about their craft. Our years of established professionalism shine through in the services we provide, and we can’t wait to begin working with you. Top Winnipeg Landscaping, at affordable pricing and unwavering quality. We put care into each service for top results! Indeed, we’re more than just pros. We’re local landscapers who care.

Landscapers Winnipeg MB, CA

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At Winnipeg Landscaping, we are thrilled to offer the highest quality at the best price for all of our services, including: Irrigation, aeration, sod and turf projects, strategic garden design, planting, perimeter drainage systems, residential snow removal, innovative landscape architecture, tree removal, paving and concrete services, and much more! When it comes to doing the job right the first time thee’s no one more to trust than your local expert professionals. That’s why they call us Landscaping Winnipeg Pros, because we get the job done right the first time around! So let’s get started today and get your garden design project done!

Pro Winnipeg Landscapers

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If you’re looking for a fantastic Winnipeg landscaper, why not call one of the top landscape companies today to receive a free estimate! We will walk you through each step of the process, ensuring all of your questions are met with thoughtful, honest answers. From concept to completion and beyond, rest assured our top Winnipeg Landscaping company will leave you smiling. If there’s one reason you should get a free quote from us today it’s not because it’s free and comes with no obligation; it’s because you’ll be surprised at the cost of professionalism of our landscaping Winnipeg local business! 

Our Landscaping Services

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Choose from our many services, provided by the top qualified landscape design team in Winnipeg. 

Landscaping Winnipeg Manitoba

  • Winnipeg Residential Snow Removal
  • Lawn Aeration 
  • Yard Maintenance
  • Garden Design And maintenance
  • Weed Control
  • Garden and Landscape Planting
  • Tree Services Including Tree Removal, Planting, Trimming, Pruning, Stump Removal, Stump Grinding, Topping, Bracing / Cabling, And Care 
  • Perimeter Drainage Systems
  • Irrigation Winnipeg Installation And Maintenance
  • Sod Installation And Turf Installation
  • Custom Woodworking Services
  • Paving And Concrete Services
  • Construction And Installation Of Retaining Wall Systems

And More! Learn more about us!

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Why Choose Our Company?

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Your top landscaping company Winnipeg Manitoba!
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Custom Garden Design
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If your home or business is in need of a facelift, designing the right garden can be a fast and affordable way to bring your space back to life! With the strategic placement of carefully selected plants, trees, and stonework, our landscape designers will create a tranquil space that flows. We specialize in water features and landscape lighting as well, to give your garden unique focal points and accents. Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered! Our specialized team of Winnipeg landscapers are backed by years of experience, and will ensure that your garden reaches its full potential. We’re staffed with certified landscape architecture professionals, who can provide you with detailed 3D drafts of your desired landscape. You’ll be able to see the finished product before we even begin! When you choose Winnipeg Landscaping Pros, you are choosing top quality service at the most affordable pricing. Landscaping Winnipeg – affordable, reliable, and on time. Call us today to start planning your dream garden! Weed Control Winnipeg, it’s never been easier! Call us to get started today!

Lawn Maintenance Winnipeg Efficient lawn mower Winnipeg services are just a phone call away!

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A healthy lawn is the button that brings an entire landscape space together. A well maintained lawn is one of the first things noticed about a property! If you want your lawn to be the talk of the block, give us a call today to get started! Whether you’re looking to take care of an existing lawn, or install sod or turf – our team of experienced professionals will get the job done right. With a keen eye for detail and using only the highest quality materials, our local Winnipeg landscaper teams will deliver results that outshine your expectations, as well as the competition’s! Our sod installation Winnipeg specialists work year round to guarantee your sod-isfaction! We offer the best yard maintenance Winnipeg has ever seen. Strategically timed lawn mowing is important; as well as fertilizing, leaf cleanup, and edging services to keep your yard space healthy year round.  Looking for power raking Winnipeg? Look no further! Let us knock you out of the park, and your leaves off of your yard! Would you like to talk to a top Winnipeg irrigation specialist? Call us today! We are proud to include a wide scope of additional lawn maintenance services such as: irrigation, drainage, and sprinkler systems. Lawn aeration Winnipeg is a service we take pride in doing excellently. We work with top Winnipeg lawn aeration specialists offering high quality service, at completely affordable pricing. We’re confident to provide the best services for lawn care Winnipeg!

Residential Snow Removal Winnipeg Services That Care!

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Winters here can last more than half the year, and continuous snow removal can become tedious and tiring. Winnipeg Landscape Pros are proud to include residential snow removal in our long list of services. Whether it’s plowing a driveway, shoveling walkway or patio – offering residential snow removal in Winnipeg is our pleasure. Landscaping Winnipeg staff take great care to remove all snow and ice accumulations. Once the ice and snow have been removed, we cover the desired areas in sand and salt, to safeguard our clients from potential slips or falls. Our team is methodically staffed, and able to offer prompt service for all residential snow removal inquiries! If you’re in need of snow removal, call Winnipeg Landscaping Pros for residential snow removal in Winnipeg MB!

Rock and Concrete Installations, Garden Paths, Patio Stones Winnipeg

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One of the may mediums we use to create an ideal outdoor space is concrete and stone work. Our highly qualified employees are able to provide uncompromising service in all things stone, paving and concrete. If your gravel driveway is begging for a transformation, choose from our concrete, asphalt, or paving stones Winnipeg selections to bring your driveway up to par, as well as raising your property value. Additionally, we specialize in custom walkways, staircases, retaining walls, and patios. Paving stones are both aesthetically pleasing and cost efficient, providing you with unique patterns that will bring your space to life – without the worry of intense maintenance. Additionally, our professional design team includes top installations of patio stones Winnipeg! Patio stones bring a creative and unique life to your patio, with endless options for patterns and arrangements. Whether you have a specific idea, or are looking for inspiration, we will assign you the best landscaper Winnipeg has ever seen to make sure all of your desires become reality!

Retaining Wall Winnipeg Manitoba Installation & Construction

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Retaining walls can be decorative as well as protective, and no matter the function, our Master wall builders are up to the task, erecting them in a way that seamlessly blends in to your landscape design. Our landscaping rock Winnipeg specialists use a variety of different techniques and methods, giving them the ability to truly customize your landscape design. Landscape rock Winnipeg projects come with a full 5 year guarantee, as we are confident in the quality of our workmanship, and we’re positive you will be too!

Custom Woodworking and Landscape Architecure Winnipeg!

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We believe that adding beautifully crafted wood features to your home should be a right, not a luxury. That’s why we strive to provide the most affordable, and highest quality wood working in our region. Staffing the most experienced, and highest qualified wood workers gives us the ability to swiftly construct your dream projects in no time flat! We take careful consideration when choosing the sturdiest wood to create beautiful, long lasting results. From deck building, fencing, staircases, intricate arbors, custom sheds and beyond, our journeymen carpenters are ready to take on any project you have in mind. Give us a call to start planning today!

Affordable Landscape Lighting Winnipeg Manitoba

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Our certified lighting technicians are well versed in all applications for landscape lighting. Lighting can be a pivotal safety feature, as well as a delightful accent to add to your property. Bring your landscape to life with tasteful, artfully placed lighting features. Our versatile team will delight you with creative solutions to lighting your gardens and pathways, bringing style and safety together without breaking the bank. We provide only the best service for the best prices. Give us a call today for a free estimate!

Tree Removal Winnipeg & Expert Tree Care Services

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Tree removal may seem like a large task to undertake, but our team of seasoned professional arborists will get the job done with ease. From start to finish, we take great care and uphold the highest standard of safe practice. Our staff take great care to determine any potential safety concerns before a single branch is cut. We are fully insured, including WCB coverage and TPL insurance. With every possible scenario assessed, our certified arborists will get to work removing the tree or stump of your choosing. Winnipeg tree removal has never been easier!

Our company is dedicated to providing the best we can when it comes to serving locals with our various services. As professionals in the industry we look forward to providing professional results. With attention to the finest details in your landscape, we work to make your vision come to reality, designing gardens and building a landscape of your dreams. When it comes to removing trees or planting them, we work optimally to give you the lowest rates on this side of Manitoba. We look forward to answering all your questions over the phone today.