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With decades of Winnipeg Irrigation Installation Experience, look no further for Winnipeg’s Top Irrigation Services!

Professional irrigation is an important aspect of proper lawn maintenance, and can add an incredible amount of ease to your day to day life. Whether you’re looking to install a system to sustain your backyard garden, or an expansive acreage, our experienced contractors will plan the right system to fit your needs. An efficient irrigation system is only as effective as the initial design. We offer an outstanding quality of service that starts at the drawing board! We provide our valued clients with drafted blueprints, and complete control when it comes to the installation of our systems.

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Irrigation System Installation, Repair & Maintenance in Winnipeg

With irrigation Winnipeg, you can rest assured our experts will take each crucial planning element into consideration. Variables such as sun exposure, types of plants, and climate, all play a role in planning your unique irrigation system. Our seasoned landscaping Winnipeg professionals walk you through each step of the process, and work directly with you to find the perfect fit for your needs. Our Winnipeg irrigation specialists proudly offer a 5 year guarantee on all irrigation and sprinkler systems, and regular maintenance check ups to ensure things continue running smoothly. 

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We take you step by step through the process, so you’re informed on exactly how your individual system functions. A thorough tutorial is included in our services, so our clients can feel at ease knowing the ins and outs of their specific irrigation service.  We offer high quality results at economical prices! Indeed, we take pride in our cost because we care about putting a smile on our clients’ faces and that alone makes our job worth while. We hope to be able to do that for you today as we supply a free, no-obligation quote.

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Winnipeg Irrigation System Service

Your Winnipeg irrigation specialists will effectively blend the system throughout your landscape design. Hidden out of sight, our high quality systems will provide ample care to each required area of your beautiful landscape design. Of all Winnipeg landscaping companies, rest assured we will provide the highest standard of service imaginable. For exceptional, low impact irrigation systems, call Winnipeg Landscaping Pros! Let’s get your underground water where you need it to go!