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Looking for privacy, but not interested in building a fence? Hedges are an incredible asset for privacy, wind control, and an added benefit to the overall look of your property. Hedges allow your home to be encircled with nature, providing a feeling of protection and adding a customizable look to your landscape area. Hedges can be planted at a semi-mature state, and take a relatively short time to bloom into a harmonious perimeter around your home! Winnipeg Landscape Pro’s – Providing Exceptional Plant Selections to Winnipeg Manitoba

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Plant selection is perhaps the most exciting aspect of planning your ideal garden. The perfect combination of foliage will bring your space to life, and provide year round beauty to your home. Selecting the ideal union of plants is a process that requires education, experience, foresight, and skill. As the top Winnipeg landscape company, our pride is to provide you with the most in depth knowledge on all local plant species, effectively building your garden space to work with our climate. We select specific soil based on plant nutrition and water retention specifications. 

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Proper spacing, sun requirements, root depth, and weather tolerance are all considered when our experts plan your garden. You can rest assured that your garden will be built to last for years to come! Our Winnipeg landscaping design team is thoroughly staffed, enabling us to provide regular, year round maintenance for all of the plants we install. Most plants require some level of maintenance, leave it to our expert Winnipeg landscapers to get the job done right! We plant flowers, hedges, bushes, tropical trees, trees of all sorts, and all the exotic foliage you require for your dream garden space!

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Our skilled unit of landscaping Winnipeg MB specialists are deft problem solvers, with solutions to any concerns you may have. Your garden should never become a chore! If we can’t do it for you personally, we’ll install a system that can. Our Winnipeg irrigation services are esteemed province-wide. Let us take an extra chore off of your list by implementing a top-tier, highly efficient irrigation system to keep your plants happy and thriving! For the best garden installation and maintenance in Winnipeg, choose your local Landscaping Winnipeg Pros! Let’s get it!